audit & technical consulting services

Digital forensics

data recovery, investigation, legal evidence & more!

Custom CMS Development

manage and update the content efficiently!

Web Scaping Development

grab information from external web resources

Website Support Services

adding & editing pages, news & more!

Password Recovery

from sites and installed software (legally!)

Website Development

corporate websites, applications, services & APIs

Website & web application testing

bug hunting, fuzzing & more!

Page Load Time Optimization

code minification, image optimization & more!

Security Audit

vulnerability fixing: XSS, CSRF/XSRF & more!

Android App Customization

spyware removal & more!

Web Malware Removal

backdoor & any malicious code removal


Alexander Nordelius

professional web developer

Web Development Services

  • Website development: business card sites, portfolio sites, promotion sites, wedding sites, corporate sites, church sites, web applications, web services and APIs.
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) development: to help you manage and update your website more efficiently.
  • Security Audit of websites, web applications and web services. Penetration testing, Vulnerability fixing (XSS, DOMXSS, XXE, CSRF/XSRF, SSRF, FPD, SQLi, LFI/RFI and more).
  • Web Crawler Development / Web Scraping (for grabbing information from external web resources then convert it to a specific format).
  • High-load website / web application development (portals, forums, e-commerce / e-stores / e-shops, blogs, social networks sites and more).
  • Website load time optimization. Advanced PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS code optimization and minification to decrease traffic load and CPU / RAM usage.
  • Installation, customization and tweaking of various Content Management Systems (CMS), e-commerce systems, forums, blogs and any other system or script.
  • Advanced code optimization and refactoring of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery and more).
  • Code obfuscation and deobfuscation of PHP, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Reverse engineering of web applications and various PHP / JavaScript files. Decoding / unpacking of PHP and JavaScript files (manual deobfuscation, if required). Decoding / decryption of files encoded with Zend Guard (DeZend), ionCube PHP Encoder (DeIoncube), ByteRun Protector, PHPShield, SourceGuardian, Nu-Coder PHP Encoder, TrueBug PHP Encoder, SourceCop, PHPLockIt, Cryptz, CodeLock and any many others.

Website Support Services

  • Website Content Update Service: adding new pages, editing pages (including layout and images), adding news, etc.
  • Advanced Image Optimization for the Web.
  • Adding Products to e-store / e-commerce websites (such as: product description, product images, price, etc).
  • Website Virus Removal: virus, exploit, backdoor, shell, malware and any malicious code removal.
  • Website Migration (from one web hosting to another). Code and settings adaptation.
  • Website Backup: Automation of the Website Backup (files, databases).

Other services

  • Website & web application testing.
  • IT security consulting.
  • Firewall & Anti-Leak software setup & configuration.
  • Audit & recovery of lost or forgotten passwords (legally).
  • PHP & JavaScript bug fixing service.
  • Digital forensics: data recovery, investigation, legal evidence & more.
  • Android application customization (.apk modification), audit, spyware removal & more.
  • Document (file) convertion (between different format, including rare ones).
  • Document (corrupt file) recovery.

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