audit & technical consulting services

Custom CMS Development

manage and update the content efficiently!

Password Recovery

from sites and installed software (legally!)

Web Scaping Development

grab information from external web resources

Page Load Time Optimization

code minification, image optimization & more!

Android App Customization

spyware removal & more!

Digital forensics

data recovery, investigation, legal evidence & more!

Security Audit

vulnerability fixing: XSS, CSRF/XSRF & more!

Web Malware Removal

backdoor & any malicious code removal

Website & web application testing

bug hunting, fuzzing & more!

Website Support Services

adding & editing pages, news & more!

Website Development

corporate websites, applications, services & APIs


Alexander Nordelius

professional web developer

Web Development Services

  • Website development: business card sites, portfolio sites, promotion sites, wedding sites, corporate sites, church sites, web applications, web services and APIs.
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) development: to help you manage and update your website more efficiently.
  • Security Audit of websites, web applications and web services. Penetration testing, Vulnerability fixing (XSS, DOMXSS, XXE, CSRF/XSRF, SSRF, FPD, SQLi, LFI/RFI and more).
  • Web Crawler Development / Web Scraping (for grabbing information from external web resources then convert it to a specific format).
  • High-load website / web application development (portals, forums, e-commerce / e-stores / e-shops, blogs, social networks sites and more).
  • Website load time optimization. Advanced PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS code optimization and minification to decrease traffic load and CPU / RAM usage.
  • Installation, customization and tweaking of various Content Management Systems (CMS), e-commerce systems, forums, blogs and any other system or script.
  • Advanced code optimization and refactoring of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including jQuery, MooTools and more).
  • Code obfuscation and deobfuscation of PHP, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Reverse engineering of web applications and various PHP / JavaScript files. Decoding / unpacking of PHP and JavaScript files (manual deobfuscation, if required). Decoding / decryption of files encoded with Zend Guard (DeZend), ionCube PHP Encoder (DeIoncube), ByteRun Protector, PHPShield, SourceGuardian, Nu-Coder PHP Encoder, TrueBug PHP Encoder, SourceCop, PHPLockIt, Cryptz, CodeLock and any many others.

Website Support Services

  • Website Content Update Service: adding new pages, editing pages (including layout and images), adding news, etc.
  • Advanced Image Optimization for the Web.
  • Adding Products to e-store / e-commerce websites (such as: product description, product images, price, etc).
  • Website Virus Removal: virus, exploit, backdoor, shell, malware and any malicious code removal.
  • Website Migration (from one web hosting to another). Code and settings adaptation.
  • Website Backup: Automation of the Website Backup (files, databases).

Other services

  • Website & web application testing.
  • IT security consulting.
  • Firewall & Anti-Leak software setup & configuration.
  • Audit & recovery of lost or forgotten passwords (legally).
  • PHP & JavaScript bug fixing service.
  • Digital forensics: data recovery, investigation, legal evidence & more.
  • Android application customization (.apk modification), audit, spyware removal & more.
  • Document (file) convertion (between different format, including rare ones).
  • Document (corrupt file) recovery.